Top Leading Issues Top Leading Issues en Copyright 2015 ProQuest LLC. All rights reserved. 04/18/2015 04/18/2015 SIRS 90 46 Knowledge Source Homework &title=Homework Homework 0000012354 Abortion &title=Abortion Abortion 0000000037 Gun control &title=Gun control Gun control 0000011611 Child abuse &title=Child abuse Child abuse 0000004441 Marijuana, Law and legislation &title=Marijuana, Law and legislation Marijuana, Law and legislation 0000015900 Abortion, Moral and ethical aspects &title=Abortion, Moral and ethical aspects Abortion, Moral and ethical aspects 0000000057 Capital punishment &title=Capital punishment Capital punishment 0000003876 Animal experimentation &title=Animal experimentation Animal experimentation 0000001245 Same-sex marriage &title=Same-sex marriage Same-sex marriage 0000010818 Animal welfare &title=Animal welfare Animal welfare 0000001287